don't text and drive

short film

my role

character design
vehicle design

don't text and drive

short film
character design, rigging, animation, vehicle design

Biking can be dangerous if you‘re sharing the road with a distracted driver. This animation shows the dangers of texting while driving.
Our message is clear:
Save a Life. Don‘t Text and Drive!


For this project I had the chance to do all stages of the character production myself.
I designed, modeled, rigged and animated all of them.

I also established a workflow to create this "rounded lowpoly" look.

Vehicle design

I designed and modeled the hero car and the ambulance
and rigged and animated the girls bike

Full Credits

Production Company: Sehsucht Berlin. Direction: Mate Steinforth. Lead Artist: Helge Kiehl. 2D/3D Artists: Helen Hyung Choi, Dominic Eise, Remo Gambacciani, Mette Ilene Holmriis, Alexander Walker, David Weidemann, Christian Zschunke. Styleframes: Mate Steinforth, Ronny Schmidt. Producers: Lars Wagner, Christina Geller. Music: Von Sallwitz Sound Architecture