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my role

character design
character rigging

Google Bundestags­wahl

character design, character rigging

I created a simple character design template and 3D rig, that allowed us to create many characters with very little work. We were able to transform and restyle all the characters with just a few sliders and checkboxes.

We follow our characters through everyday situations. Each setting resolves in a funny scene, bringing different topics to life.

Character Rig

Full Credits

Production Company: Sehsucht Berlin. Directors: Mate Steinforth, Helge Kiehl. 2D Artists: Helge Kiehl, Conrad Ostwald. Character Animation: Robert Löbel, Florian Panzer, Adrian Walt, David Weidemann. Producers: Christina Geller, Lars Wagner. Music: Supreme Music. Agency: Kolle Rebbe. Client Consultant: Florian Völlmecke. Executive Creative Direction: Stefan Wübbe. Creative Direction: Thomas Knüwer, Oliver Ramm. Art Direction: Thomas Knüwer, Sabrina Patzeck, Stephan Lorse. Idea: Thomas Knüwer, Oliver Ramm. Text: Frederik Österlin. Graphics & Illustration: Stephan Lorse. Agency Producers: Alexander Schillinsky, Nina Offermann. Client: Google. Marketing Director: Barbara Daliri Freyduni