exhibition piece

my role

Robot rigging
robot animation
choreography ideas


exhibition piece
Robot rigging, robot animation, choreography ideas, previs

I was asked to animate three industrial robots for the Mitsubishi Electric brand exhibition designed and realized by Elastique. To do that comfortably, I built animationrigs in Cinema 4D and scripts to export the movements into robot code.

The main challenge in this project was to create movements that worked well within the restricted abilities of the robots in terms of speed, joint limitations and momentum.

Out of several ideas, tests and animation segments, that i created under the direction of elastique, I assembled a complex choreography of robots and graphics (see the full choreography below).

Additionally to the main choreography I animated many movements for an interactive mode where visitors can make the robots approach products on the exhibition table. in the interactive mode the screens show explanatory films.

full choreography


when the screen is positioned the robot adjusts its 6 joints to achieve this position.

several parenting options helped me create these kinds of movements

Full Credits

Production Company, Creative Direction, Art Direction: Elastique GmbH. Robot Animation, Rigging, Scripting, Choreography Ideas and Preview Graphics: David Weidemann. Final Graphics Animation: Christoph Grosse Hovest. Software-Engineering System Control: Grosse8. Robot-controller-programming: Adiro. Mechanical engineering: MW-Tec. Documentation: DOP: Sven Lützenkirchen. Editing: Susi Sie. Music: Julian Scherle